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Questions I frequently ask myself:
1. Who am I again?

A. I created Disalmanac, which is a Twitter, a blog, a podcast, a Tumblr, and more. And in September 2013, Perigee/Penguin will publish "Disalmanac: A Compendium of Fact-Like Facts."

B. I'm an animator; currently, I'm doing a weekly animation for

C. I directed, animated, wrote and catered the 2009 feature film "Atom Age Vampire."

2. What have I been doing lately?

Updated: 25 May 2012

A. I'm writing the book "Disalmanac: A Compendium of Fact-Like Facts," which will be published in 2013 by Perigee/Penguin!

B. I animated a trailer for Dinosaur Jr's new live album!


C. The Disalmanac Podcast has arrived! Special guests every week! Look for it on iTunes, or download it from the Disalmanac blog every Monday.

D. I'm now making a weekly political animation over at Daily Kos' new Comics section! Check it out every Tuesday, here.


4. I made an animated feature film? Really?

Yes. For my first film "Atom Age Vampire" I took the sound from a really awful 1960 horror film and animated new visuals to it. Here's a still:

Bill Corbett (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rifftrax) said, "Very funny! In the MST3K tradition."

"Atom Age Vampire" has played at several film festivals nationwide, and you can buy the DVD for only $10 (cheap!) directly at the film's web site.

5. But I've made like, hundreds of others of animated videos for the web, right?

Indeed. I've worked with comedians like John Hodgman, Jenny Slate, and Kristen Schaal. I've made music videos for Low, Thao, Yo La Tengo and more.

My videos are spread out all over the web, but here is a page with links to about a hundred of my best and most popular videos.

7. Didn't I publish some books, too?

If you can't wait for the Disalmanac book next year, here are some other books I've done:

"Scott Bateman's Sketchbook of Secrets & Shame" (Word Riot Press, 2007) features over 200 of my best single-panel cartoons, plus essays about my work from Wil Wheaton, Dr. & Mr. Doris Haggis-On-Whey (aka Dave Eggers), John Kovalic (Dork Tower), and more. See some samples and buy the book here.

My latest mini-book is "Let's Learn About The Damn Presidents Already, Geez," a 24-page chapbook crammed with drawings of and completely made-up trivia about all of our American presidents. See some samples and buy the book here.

6. I have a blog or something, right?

The Disalmanac blog is here. Personal blogging may happen again someday.


7. Am I on Twitter...?

I'm the guy behind the fake trivia Twitter feed called Disalmanac. Follow it today for several tweets a day that will give you smartliness.

My personal Twitter is batemanimation.

8. Can I see some random-ass thing I drew?

9. No, seriously. Who am I again?

Read all about my work for film, TV, the web, books and newspapers right here.

10. Is there other Scott Bateman stuff online, too?

My IMDb page.
• My Disalmanac tweets appear on WitStream.
• My Wikipedia page is out-of-date and features a ridiculous photo of me.

11. How do people contact me, anyway?

My email address is scott at batemanimation dot com.

12. Where did I leave my keys?

I don't know. Probably on that side table in the dining room? Did I check the pockets of the pants I was wearing last night?


Animations Books Atom Age Vampire Sketchbook About


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